Free Testing Program Assessment

Test Automation AssessmentIs your testing program as efficient and effective as your organization needs it to be? Are you putting your revenue cycles, patient safety or clinical care at risk through inadequate or unreliable testing? Do you have to pull SMEs out of their roles too often and for too long? Without a next generation program and capabilities, the answer is “yes”.

Discover how you can dramatically improve your testing program and, in turn, improve the improve the ROI on your EHR investments. For a limited time, Santa Rosa Consulting --  the leader in EHR automated testing solutions -- is offering an exclusive free* Testing Program Assessment.

This Testing Program Assessment draws on our extensive, hands-on knowledge to evaluate each of the following critical aspects of a next generation program:

  • Testing Governance: Is an effective process in place? Does it ensure alignment with business, IT and other plans?
  • Major Goals & Objectives: Are clear Testing Program goals established? Are they actionable & attainable?
  • Testing Methods: Are today's best practices being followed?
  • Key Metrics: How are KPIs being reported? How does Testing Program contribute to the results?
  • Testing Tools: Are existing testing technologies, platforms & tools available and being utilized?
  • Script Inventory: Do existing manual or automated scripts cover all scenarios? What gaps exist?
  • Stakeholder Satisfaction: What do non-IT stakeholders think about the Testing Program's impact on system satisfaction and adoption?

Let’s talk.  We’ll be happy to walk you through the Testing Program Assessment opportunity. Complete the form and you’ll be on your way to realizing the benefits of a strengthened testing program for your organization.

*note: any travel fees not included